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Friends Without Benefits - Penny Reid

A funny, quirky, and sexy kind of read that will make you giggle like a crazy person, especially if you're reading this in public. Did I just say funny and sexy at the same time? Yes I did. Damn, this book should have come with a warning.


Friends Without Benefits is the second book in Penny Reid's Knitting in the City series. It follows Elizabeth Finney and Nico Manganiello's story and could be read as a standalone, BUT trust me, you will want to read the first book.


The story is told in Elizabeth's POV, and honestly I hoped this book had Nico's POV too because Elizabeth's stubborn attitude might have irritated me a bit. She is an adorable nerd who thinks of herself less than what she really is, a beautiful person. She has this stupid idea of "one great love" that made her miserable and I think, a bit of a drama queen. But despite those, she is a dependable friend, doctor, and partner, AND a good knitter lol. I might have thoughts of smacking her head from time to time but that was forgotten because of her hottie comedian Nico. These two were childhood friends/nemesis. Nico LOVED teasing Elizabeth, and Elizabeth in turn just saw this as Nico tormenting her life. But time pass and what Elizabeth thought was teasing was actually Nico trying to get her to notice him. When, finally, the time came for Elizabeth to notice Nico, something happened. The odds were still not in their favor, until after ten years, they meet again, thanks to cystic fibrosis.


It was the classic story of a boy pulling a girl's hair because he wants her to notice him. Who made this stupid idea anyway? Have they heard of a Disney princess going for the villain? 


"And Penny Reid does it again.." This was what I had in mind after reading this book. I actually had less expectation from this book because for me 2nd book/movie/part always tend to disappoint me, but in this case it was not. Reid's magic was still there, and if you've read the first book you'll know why I am this obsessed with this series. The silly nicknames, the metaphors, the jokes, everything was good. They weren't overused and was present at the right time. You know how some jokes could have been funny if the right punchline was hit right? It was exactly like that.


For an Asian drama junkie like me, it was like seeing my favorite romantic comedy drama transform into a book. It was a very entertaining read that will literally make you roll on your bed while reading. I didn't mind looking like a crazy person smiling at myself because it was that good.


Isn't it obvious? I love this book, love the characters, well, maybe the story was more of a like because the first book is still my favorite in this series, but nevertheless this book still is good. Penny Reid, if you're reading this(I hope you are) I love you, please don't stop writing. 

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