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Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up?

Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up? - Sara Hantz Ever wonder what it would be like to be a celebrity? All we see is their fame and glory and all this fancy things and those were enough for some to dream and strive to become one. Abi Saunders wasn’t one of them before, until she was given a chance to step in that world.

Abi might have been excellent at kickboxing but facing the crowd or having people watch her has never been on her to-do list. With her bestfriend and secret crush, Matt, her life had always been about training for kickboxing and earning lots of gold medals. What she never expected was landing as a stunt double for Tilly Watson(she’s supposed to be the celebrity). After being convinced by her other bestfriend, Liv, she decided to give it a try and just think of the money that will get their Europe vacation come true. With all the makeup, wigs, costumes and bright lights, Abi felt like a different person and started enjoying this so-called show business. She was the perfect double to Tilly that even Tilly’s boyfriend mistook her and kissed her out of nowhere, sending Abi’s insides to spirals. She was enjoying too much in her new life she never realized she was changing to the point where she started letting her friends down and her parents disappointed with her actions.

“You can dress up and pretend to be someone else, but you'll never be able to hide who you are from me. Because you shine through everything. Forget the glitz and glamour. Just be yourself. No one can compete with that.”

Everyone has an “Abi” deep inside all of us. Seeing celebrities have an almost perfect life makes us envy them and imagine what would our life be if we were like them. This was what Abi showed in the book and I think Sara Hantz did well in showing her character. She was naïve, innocent, and ok, stupid. She never had a different life aside from kickboxing that I knew that the new life she’s experiencing is bound to change her. Although I like how Abi’s character grew and change(good change) in the story, I would’ve liked it more if her love life was given a bit more attention too. I was having a lot of hunch while reading the book and I was disappointed to see the lovers get together on the last pages of the book(literally last page). I really like how they finally were together(it was really cute and realistic), BUT I hope there was more. I was like, ARE YOU SERIOUS? THIS IS THE END? CAN’T THERE BE MORE? PLEASE? I even restarted my e-reader to see if that was just a glitch and not the book actually ending.

"It wasn't that they were serious." The smile he gives me then is so vulnerable, it's devastating. "It's that they weren't you Abi.”

So, in conclusion, this was a good read and a very light one. Though I wish there was more to the romance, I’d still recommend this to those who likes feel good reads and would like to take a break from those heavy emotional reads.