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Don't Even Think About It

Don't Even Think About It - Sarah Mlynowski Originally posted at The Filipina Booknote

One thing came to mind as I started this book, it has a LOT of characters. This book might have been the most confusing book I’ve ever read. If you’ll refer to my Goodreads update, I read this book for 5 days. Yes, I was struggling with this book, so much I almost dropped this one.

I did expect a lot from this book because the blurb sounded so interesting. It has ESP, high school setting, family problems, and of course, school cliques. I was looking forward for this book to have a lot of humor and at the same time a lot of sci-fi since that seemed to be the subject of this book, a bunch of teenagers having ESP. But no, it was all drama. Well come to think of it, high school really is full of drama, but it would have been better if the sci-fi part of the story was given more emphasis. I mean, they could’ve used this part of the story to show that these teenagers could do more than pay attention to themselves.

Have I mentioned this book confused me A LOT? It was told from a lot of POV, try 22 high school students with a lot of fidelity, insecurity and loyalty problems. See that? I am so glad I am over reading this. I can’t wait to move on and read a new book. Honestly, I can handle this kinds of petty dramas(FYI: I love contemporary and chick lit books) but coming from a book that promised sci-fi, I was disappointed. The only sci-fi was the ESP, the end. The story revolved more on romance and cheating and unrequited love. I was like, HUH?

I have to stop my rant here now. I remember reading another review about this book, and that blogger did love this book. I think that was the reason I gave this a try. And honestly, I don’t think this book wasn’t just for me. There was one thing though I think I liked about this book. These 22 teenagers weren’t friends at the beginning, and thanks to ESP, they became a solid group, a WE. There was this girl who was so shy she never gained friends and after having this ESP thing she didn’t just gained friends she managed to gain confidence too.
In conclusion, all I can say is read at your own risk. If you’re into chick lit and you like really really light reads and doesn’t bother with all the teenage drama, then read this. But for me, I had to rate this low. It just didn’t worked for me.