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Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi Originally posted at The Filipina Booknote

"A good dream was something you clung to until the last moment before waking.”

If you read my review about the first book, you’ll know how disappointed and confused I was. Nothing struck my interest except the main character’s love relationship, but other than that, nothing. I am very glad that Through The Ever Night managed to piqued my interest and made me more “into the story” compared to the first one.

The story started right after the ending of the first book, Aria came back to the Outside world to search for the Still Blue and to come back into Perry’s arms, but their reunion wasn’t easy. Not everyone in Tides has an open mind and treats Dwellers kindly, so Aria and Perry had a lot of struggles, as a couple and as an individual. It wasn’t just about them anymore, and this problem was what drove these two characters to develop drastically.

“Love was like the waves in the sea, gentle and good sometimes, rough and terrible at others, but that it was endless and stronger than the sky and earth and everything in between.”

Aria and Perry had a lot to deal in this book. Aria was blackmailed by Consul Hess to search for the Still Blue in exchange for Talon’s safety, Perry’s nephew. On the other hand, Perry is now the Blood Lord of The Tides. He’s now a leader of a tribe and not just a warrior, now he had people to lead and warriors that follow him. He never thought that the thing he had dreamt for himself would be the wall that separates him from Aria. Disliked by people of The Tides, Aria was forced to decide to keep their love a secret and pose as an ordinary ally. She became a hindrance to Perry’s decision making because she knows he is doing everything to protect her. This was the reason she decided to do something that would break both their hearts.

“Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame.”

I did like this book better than the first one because it had explanations about the things I found confusing in the first book. I was still gushing over Aria and Perry’s relationship and I was swooning over the two of them. I am so in love with the two of them and I felt sad whenever they both got hurt. Roar also got him self his own scenes and I like how he and Aria became bestfriends here. It’s really nice to see the female MCs get close to their lover’s bestfriend. Fortunately, there were no case of love triangle and the couple still showed what I liked in the first book. Rather, I loved them more here, given that there weren’t many scenes with them together(because they had to keep it a secret) I was still giggling and touched with their small moments of togetherness.

“We lose and lose, but we're still here. Shaking in place, afraid of doing something. I'm tired of settling for this because I don't know if something better exists. It has to. What point is there otherwise? I can do something about it. And I will.”

Another thing I liked was the roles of minor characters and their contribution to the development of the story. Even the antagonist who were irritating the hell out of me, especially Kirra. I was disappointed though with Liv's short appearance. After reading the first book and the first novella, I was looking forward to meeting her because she sounded like a female version of Perry(though I think she’s better).

Even if I did see this book better, it was still something I won’t recommend to those who loves dystopian books, especially those who loves action and great world building. However if you like slow building romances and characters who expresses love through slow sweet kisses and cherished moments and doesn’t mind the world they live in then go read this book, because I know I am now a fan of Aria and Perry. I can’t wait to see what will happen to this two lovebirds in Into The Still Blue!