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Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1)

Elements of Chemistry: ATTRACTION (Hypothesis Series Book 1) - Penny Reid Originally posted at The Filipina Booknote

If there's one thing I regret after reading this aside from it being too short, it would be WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I WAIT FOR ALL THE PARTS TO COME OUT FIRST BEFORE I STARTED THIS. DAMMIT. Curiosity killed the cat, and now curiosity's killing my nerves.

In this first part of the series we meet our two main characters who have undeniable chemistry, Kaitlyn Parker and Martin Sandeke. Coming from different realms of college life, a quiet nerdy girl and a rich hot captain of the rowing team, you would think that their story would be of the usual bad-boy "falls in love" with nerdy girl but no, it was not. 

First, no insta-love. It seemed at the beginning that everything's happening too fast but that's because their attraction already happened even before the book started. It was established very well that aside from the strong lingering attraction these two had, they didn't jump into "the falling into the deepest pit of passionate love." Instead, they were getting to know each other and exploring their dislikes and likes and see where their Attraction takes them.

Second, they're definitely in-lust with each other but aside from heated stares and touching here and there, they didn't jump inside the first bed or table they could find and clobber each other. Yep you read that right, sorry to disappoint you.

Third, just like the title, the story evolve around Kaitlyn and Martin's attraction with each other. Their perfect chemistry, and how they complement each other. I don't know if it was just me but it seemed that this first part was a preparation for what's in-store with the other two parts.

Fourth, Kaitlyn and Martin may be the focus of this book but that doesn't mean it fell short on the supporting characters. At the same moment I was rooting for the main characters to be together, I was also rooting for the secondary couple. The other characters weren't just embellishment to the story. They had purpose which made me had something to watch out for. I can't wait to find out what will happen to them in the other books.

Kaitlyn and Martin may have seemed like common NA protagonists but knowing Penny Reid's antics, I should know better and expect that something big is in-store with these two. So Penny if you're reading this, my expectations are through the roof now. The pressure is on. LOL

I was thinking if this book was similar to another Penny Reid book but aside from it having really good humor and romance that will make you swoon, I think this is somewhat different. I don't want to jump into conclusions until I've read the other parts so I'll leave it at that for now.

I have to warn you though, the ending was a big fat cliffhanger. I'm even considering this as the mother of all the cliffhangers I've encountered. It's actually why I gave this four-note rating instead of five because I know this isn't the best book in the series. Fortunately, Penny Reid was kind enough to put the first chapter of the second part on the last pages of this book.

So am I recommending this? HELL YES. It's a Penny Reid book, what more convincing do you need? It was so hard putting down and ending this book. I had to slow down reading this because I didn't want it to end, and I wanted to keep on reading it at the same time. I was so conflicted with myself, I might have argued a bit with myself too lol. Honestly, I'm having a hard time now writing my thoughts because one, I don't want to spoil you, and two, I still feel effin' frustrated about the ending I don't know what to write aside from "if you want to ruin your head with all the possibilities of what might happen with this book, go ahead" but that's not so appropriate so no, disregard that.

So if this review might seem crazy, confusing or senseless to you, I apologize. It's this book's fault, I swear.